Who We Are

We support the political power of Black women by amplifying their voices on issues important to the Black community.

About Us

SISTERS LEAD SISTERS VOTE was formed and founded by a group of Black women leaders to be a voice for the interests of Black women and their families.

Our strength is not only our vote and our relationships with the Black community, but in our collective development and support of Black Women leadership. Our strategy is to amplify Black women’s voices; advance Black women’s political leadership; and expand Black women’s opportunities.

  1. We support issues and policies that affect the well-being of Black women, their families, and communities.
  2. We provide education and research centered around expanding opportunities for Black women’s political leadership.
  3. We promote the voices of Black women in media, social media, and in political discourse.
  4. We engage and organize our community locally, nationally, and online to stand for the issues, policies, and people that impact the lives of Black women and their families.
Black Women Ran

Help Us Document Their Experiences.

Sisters Lead Sister Vote (SLSV) is currently conducting extensive multi year research to document the experience and needs of Black woman candidates. Concurrently, SLSV is seeking to document the historic leadership and significance of Black women in the political space. Through this research, SLSV will document and share the unique needs of Black women candidates to better equip the organizations, parties and people who seek to support them. This research aspires to provide valuable insights for Black women contemplating, strategizing, or pursuing political office.

The overarching objective is to recognize and empower Black women participating in electoral races from 2020 onward. Along with the survey, central to this research effort are focused group discussions and individual interviews with Black women candidates. Each electoral cycle, the accumulated findings will be synthesized into a report. This report will be presented in an anonymized and aggregated manner. The aspiration is for these findings will serve as a valuable resource to the organizations, political parties, and individuals supporting and advocating for the advancement of Black women in political leadership.

Board of Directors

Holli Holliday

President, Sisters Lead Sisters Vote

Holli L. Holliday, Esq. currently serves as the president of Sisters Lead Sisters Vote (SLSV), a 501(c) 4 organization, founded by Black women, to expand Black women’s leadership, voices & politics. Holli has managed or advised over 300 campaigns, as a campaign manager, leading political programs, or as a consultant. Because of her expertise in equity and inclusion strategies, she is at her best when connecting people and transforming spaces to cultivate authentic leadership. Through SLSV, she works tirelessly to amplify Black women’s voices; advance Black women’s political leadership; and expand Black women’s opportunities.