Black women in the political space


We are looking for Black Women who ran for office in 2022 to take the #BLACKWOMENRAN2022 SURVEY. This is in preparation for the 2022 & 2024 Federal Elections. The goal is to document the experiences  and needs of Black woman candidates and to document the historic leadership of Black women in the political space.

Sisters Lead
Sisters Vote

An organization formed and founded by a group of Black women leaders to be a voice for the interests of Black women and their families.

Our Mission

We support the political power of Black women by amplifying their voices on issues important to the Black community.

Our strength is not only our vote and our relationships with the Black community, but in our collective development and support of Black Women leadership. Our strategy is to amplify Black women’s voices; advance Black women’s political leadership; and expand Black women’s opportunities.

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Monday, November 8, 2021 | 2pm est.

Felicia Davis, Vice Chair Sisters Lead Sisters Vote
Black women are not just a powerful voting bloc, but capable and confident leaders who should be voted into office too. Black women are uniquely qualified for leadership at this time.