Removing Obstacles to Running for Office with Holli Holliday Podcast Episode

Published on September 20, 2023

In the realm of digital politics, understanding the hurdles and challenges faced by first-time candidates is crucial. Holli Holliday, a lawyer and the President of Sisters Lead Sisters Vote, recently joined Deepak Puri, CEO of The Democracy Labs, in a compelling discussion shedding light on the very obstacles that can deter new candidates from succeeding.

Navigating Uncharted Waters
During the discussion, Holli Holliday and Deepak Puri delved into a variety of important topics, including leadership development pathways and the complexities that women contemplating a run for office often face. While established political candidates are frequently informed about resources such as voter lists and committee support, newcomers may not be aware of the plethora of tools and guidance available for fundraising and organizing.

Grassroots Engagement and Visualization
One critical point emphasized was the necessity for leaders to actively participate rather than solely relying on grassroots supporters. Holli Holliday and Deepak discussed the value of community engagement and highlighted the significance of utilizing visualization tools and maps to identify and address community issues effectively.

Shaping Change Through Collective Action
Throughout the conversation, the examples of accomplished Black women leaders were showcased, underscoring their remarkable journeys in overcoming barriers. The dialogue emphasized the power of collective thought and action in driving change, illustrating how a unified approach can make a significant impact in the realm of politics.

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If you’re interested in political campaigns, women candidates, and the leadership journeys of Black women, this discussion is a must-watch. Gain insights into the world of digital politics and discover ways to navigate the challenges of running for office.

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