Sisters Lead Sisters Vote is committed to ensuring that the Black community is #ReadyandVoting. 
Our voter tools will help set you up for success.


Let’s start with ensuring that your “ready”. We recommend that before each election you VERIFY your voter registration. There are many reasons the your voter registration status might be invalid, including changing your name, moving to new address, voter list purge or just error in system. Either way, it is worth taking 30 seconds or less to verify your registration.
If you are not registered, then Sisters Lead Sisters Vote can help with that as well. Our tools cover all 50 states, so we will make sure that you are covered no matter where you live.
PRO TIP: In most jurisdictions teens can register on or before their 18th birthday, when that birthday is prior to an election. In fact, some jurisdiction even “pre-register” 16 and 17 year olds.


Once you get ready, now you must vote. We recommend that you make a plan that includes signing up for election reminders and request an absentee or mail in ballot. Election reminders are send to your phone or email, so you don’t miss any elections in your area – especially the local ones which MOST impact your daily life.
PRO TIP: Standing in line at the polls is old school. Most states have adopted “no excuse absentee” or mail in ballots as a option. This means the ballot is sent to your house and you can vote anytime before or on Election Day. In other words, vote when it works for you and your busy life.

Partner with Sisters Lead Sisters Vote

Sisters Lead Sisters Vote is actively seeking partners to join us in this effort to make sure the Black community is #ReadyandVoting. While we welcome most non-partisan partnerships , our ideal partners are local groups, chapters or networks lead by Black women which maybe largely volunteer, without the budget to afford the access or capacity to manage premium tools.
Email us at partnerships@sistersleadsistersvote.org or click here to schedule at time to meet with our team.